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The Sarnia Aquarium Society Breeder Award Program is established to recognize outstanding achievement in the breeding of fish. Please retain this list for future reference.

The different levels of achievement are as follows:

(1) BREEDER AWARD (50 points) from any combination of at least 2 Classes.

(2) INTERMEDIATE (100 points). Must complete Breeder level. Must have at least three C or D Class fish.

(3) SENIOR (300 points). Must complete Breeder and Intermediate levels.

(4) MASTER (600 points). Must complete Breeder, Intermediate and Senior levels. Must have at least 6 species from each of Classes A, B, C, and one from Class D.

(5) GRAND MASTER (1000 points). Must complete Master level. Must have at least 12 from each of Classes A, B, C, and 2 from Class D.

The Aquarist must spawn and raise a minimum of 10 fry to 60 days of age. All spawns must be witnessed at birth and again at 60 days of age by the BAP chairperson or designate as approved by the BAP chairperson. In addition the Aquarist must do one of the following (as approved by the BAP chairperson prior to the submission of BAP form):
(1) Donate 10 fry from the spawn or one sexable pair to the S.A.S.
(2) Write an article for the Newsletter describing the breeding of the species.
This article shall consist of at least 300 words.
(3) Give a verbal and/or pictorial presentation on the breeding at a General Meeting.

Note: Class A fish only require witnessing. They do not require donations, articles or a presentation.

NOTE: If the spawning has been written on, or talked on recently, the Aquarist may, with the authorization of the B.A.P. Chairperson, write or talk about any aspect of the Hobby. No points will be awarded unless the above requirements are met by the time the fry are 90 days old. However, the Chairperson may upon request of the Program Chairperson re-schedule a planned presentation.

The Aquarist shall:
(1) Satisfy the B.A.P. Chairperson that the spawning actually took place on the Breeder's premises. (This excludes the hatching of eggs obtained from someone else or the mere incubation of eggs, which were laid and fertilized elsewhere)
(2) Submit a spawning report on the official S.A.S. BAP form within 30 days of the fry attaining 60 days of age. If this requirement is not met, the fish may have to be re-spawned. This deadline can be waived at the discretion of the BAP chair with legitimate cause.
(3) Arrange to have the spawning, normally 10 fry, inspected and verified by the B.A.P. Chairperson or previously approved designate.
NOTE: Exceptions may be permitted where the species is known to have very small spawns. At the discretion of the Chairman, more than one spawning of certain species may be counted in order to reach 10. The Sarnia Aquarium Society will award points only once for each distinct species. No additional points will be awarded for varieties or subspecies. New members will be credited for spawns certified by the previous club to which they belonged. Points are adjusted to conform to the S.A.S. point system. Species with multiple locales can be recorded, with no points added to the B.A.P. total to allow for when new species are created from an existing locale. After such species are created, points can be awarded as needed. These points will be awarded at the time the B.A.P. chairperson confirms the status of the new species. They are NOT applied at the time of recording the spawn. The ROLF C. HAGEN AWARD will be presented to the member accumulating the most breeding points in a one year period, December 1 to November 30. This is a revolving trophy.

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