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The Sarnia Aquarium Society was formed in 1971. Here is what we're all about.

We meet at 7:30 P.M. on the third Tuesday of each month, except July and August, at Sarnia Christian School, 1273 Exmouth Street. At our general meetings we enjoy guest speakers, slide or video presentations, a bowl show competition, raffles, mini auctions, discussions on keeping and breeding fish and growing aquatic plants. The meetings are informal and always fun.

Our Club is a member of C.A.O.A.C (Canadian Association of Aquarium Clubs). Our Breeders Award Program and Aquatic Horticulture Programs are nationally recognized. The objective of these programs is to encourage knowledge on the requirements of individual fish species, to conserve rare and endangered species and to educate the public.

The Breeder Award Program offers the hobbyist a chance to collect points for successfully breeding and raising aquarium fish. Points are awarded according to level of difficulty in getting certain species to propagate in captivity. Points are accumulative and are applied towards Club and C.A.O.A.C. awards.

The Aquatic Horticulture Award Program offers the members a chance to collect point for propagation, seeding, and flowering of aquatic plants. Points are awarded as in our B.A.P. Program.

The Aqua Antics is the official publication of the Sarnia Aquarium Society. Its goal is to provide members with the opportunity to publish articles on fish and/or plant propagations,to keep members informed about the Club activities, and to allow our sponsors to advertise.

A Bowl Show is held at our monthly meetings. Each month, different categories are featured, and points are awarded to the best fish specimens.

Trophies for our programs are awarded at our Christmas Pot Luck Dinner.

A raffle is held at each meeting. Various items such as tanks, fish, fish food, books etc. are raffled off.

Membership dues are collected at our January meeting. Guests are always invited to attend a couple of meetings before being asked to join.

The benefits of being a member are numerous. You get to know many other aquarists, several pet stores offer Club member discounts, you find fish that you never knew existed, you get excellent deals on hobby related items, and you make a lot of friends. The benefits far outweigh the membership dues.

Remember, this hobby is extremely therapeutic, and fish are pretty undemanding. You don't need to take them for walks!

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